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Why I Feel Lucky to be a Sugar Addict

What does it mean to be truly addicted to sugar?

A few evenings ago, I was shopping with my son, and he asked if he could get a Twinkie.  He said he had never had one before, and I said “Go ahead.”

In the car, he opened the package, and took a bite.

He was not impressed.  When we got home, he threw the second Twinkie from the package in the trash.  He is clearly not addicted to sugar and flour.

I distinctly remember Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs from my childhood.  I remember how I thought the chocolate on the Ding Dongs was weird- like plastic, and I remember that I was never satisfied with eating one or two.  Even though they didn’t taste nearly as good as my grandmother’s famous cake, once I had one, I wanted to eat the whole box of them.  I still do.

So how does that make me lucky?  Well, for me, processed snack foods are simply not an option.  The consequences: bloat, swollen lips and face, joint aches the next day, headache, are almost immediate, and they get worse as I approach age 50 this April.  I am so lucky that the “cheat” is not a good option.  I have to look elsewhere for the little spark of enjoyment that most people can get from the snacks that surround us these days.

The most important thing you can do stay off the sugar train is to have satisfying, trigger free foods on hand. Make sure that you have protein, vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and healthy fats available at all times.  When I got home from teaching my classes last night I was hungry, so I had 2 chicken thighs, and a cup of strawberries.

Weird?  Maybe, but that’s the whole point.  Sometimes you have to be a little weird to succeed at permanent fat loss.

So today, make extra vegetables, mix up some salmon salad, try a new salsa, or take a Granny Smith apple with you when you run errands.  Remember the Apple computer ad from years ago: “Think Different?”

It may be that your permanent success requires you to “Eat Different” too.


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