Trigger Free Chocolate!

Yes, We Can!
Yes, We Can!

I wanted to post about Taza Chocolate a while back, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a trigger food first.

I heard about it on Jimmy Moore’s podcast.  Now, Jimmy is coming out with a book on his experience with the Ketogenic diet soon, so his eating style is very low carb, high healthy fat, and moderate highest-quality protein.  I thought, if Jimmy Moore can eat it… maybe I can too.

The package you see here was an anniversary gift: Thanks Van!  I can attest that I’ve had this chocolate on 4 different occasions, and it did not trigger sugar or carb cravings.  I eat it with 1oz of raw almonds to move the sugar content of the entire snack down below the third ingredient.  Why?  For the purposes of Sugar Freedom, that seems to keep the sugar content low enough that it doesn’t trigger my overeating response.  By the way, Van got this for me locally at Nature’s Whole Food Depot, and you can also order it on Amazon.  There are many different flavors like vanilla, orange, and ginger.

If you want to try to incorporate organic, soy-free chocolate into your Sugar Freedom plan, I would suggest enjoying it once or twice a week after you’ve done the 3 Day Sugar Strike, and one week on the Sugar Freedom Diet.

If you try it, please let me know if you like it as much as I do, and if it leaves you trigger free as well.

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