Summer Transformation Challenge

Recently, I’ve been doing tons of cardio, and experimenting with eating more fruit.

These changes were work related, and they had a negative effect on all aspects of my life.

My appetite increased right away, and my mood started to suffer within days of these changes.

I tried pulling back on the fruit, and that helped a little, but walking and climbing stairs for 8 to 10 miles a day was doing a number on my knees, back, and fast-twitch muscles.

The worst part was that I lost the energy and desire to train.

I resigned two weeks ago, my last day was Sunday, I recovered on Monday, and today I’m starting TT for Amazing Abs.

The TT method combines resistance training and intervals for fat loss, improved mood, and vastly better physical prowess.

I have known since childhood that traditional cardio makes me weak, hungry, and miserable. In 2008, TT made me lean, super strong, and happy for the first time in decades.

My transformation process takes 12 weeks, and it starts with choosing a TT program, taking my measurements and “Before” pictures, and doing the Army Body Fat assessment. As always, I will be keeping sugar out and carbs very low when it comes to my eating plan.

Here’s to continuing to do what works for health and fitness, no matter what the trends are, and no matter what the influencers do.

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