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Sugar Free Fat Loss Update

Just ten days ago, I made a strong re-commitment to my nutrition and training program.

Some one very close to me, (no, it’s not me) is getting ready to train for a bikini competition over age 55. She has been working with a personal trainer, and she has years of fitness experience, but preparing for a competition will be a big leap.

I’ve never done a bikini competition, but I did win a body transformation contest, and I went on to coach dozens of women and several men through their own body transformations.

Back when I had my fitness studio, I got to take a workshop with Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. They are experts in contest preparation, and I recall that they required their female competition clients to be at 22 percent body fat to qualify for their 16 week contest preparation program.

I’ve decided to use Sugar Freedom and Cardio Freedom to get to 22% body fat in order to support my friend, and to learn what it takes to prepare for a high-level competition training program.

Ten days ago, I took my measurements, and my body fat percentage. I know that even expensive bathroom scales aren’t very good at measuring body fat, but my scale read 24.8%, and I’ll use that for my self-experiment. One tip I use for this kind of measurement is to input all of the information requested, but to leave it on the “Normal Female,” setting, not the, “Athletic Female,” setting. I think this can prevent giving a reading that is too low for someone like me who is training regularly.

This morning’s reading had me at 24% body fat, which made me very happy indeed.

I am doing my 9 lifts to momentary form failure three times per week, eating a “Close to Carnivore,” diet, practicing Electro Swing Dance, and practicing piano, guitar, and drawing to counter any food cravings with fun activities.

When I eat “close to carnivore,” I rarely get hunger based cravings, but I do have to watch out for boredom and avoidance behaviors, which can make me think about reaching for extra food.

I’ll be checking in each week to report on how my plan is going. If you’re up for improving your fitness, have a plan for eating, training, fun, and recovery so that you can get to your goal.

Be well, eat for yourself, and train for the body you want.

Catherine Best Gordon

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