Success Begins at the Grocery Store

Here are a few of the items I picked up on the way home from the movies last night.  You’ll see several of them on today’s food plan.

If you’ve read the Sugar Freedom XP manual, you know that you’ll  be eating very

Groceriessimply for the next three days.  Just because your food is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty though.

I cooked some of the carrots you see here in coconut oil with sea salt, ginger, and a dash of turmeric.  It was so good and satisfying, and no guilty aftertaste.

This morning, as I was thinking over what I wanted to share with you today, this notion came to me.

 When you prepare food that is truly good for you, eating stops being just a pleasure, and it becomes a joy.

With Sugar Freedom, we are putting food back in its proper place.  Food is fuel for the life you want to live.

So here is today’s menu:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices uncured bacon, I cup cooked carrots, 1/2 avocado.  (Yes, I’m feeling very full and satisfied right now.)

Lunch: 2 Chicken thighs, Green salad with olive oil and vinegar, 1 cup broccoli

Dinner: Grass fed top sirloin, 1 cup asparagus with home made mayo.

You may notice that I use a “Large, Medium, Small” strategy when it comes to meal size.  I don’t snack in between meals, but that is a result of my own discovery that I have to take eating seriously.  I sit down quietly at breakfast and lunch, and I eat without distractions.  Dinner will be shared with Van and Colin, and the pleasure of their company makes up for the fact that I have just two or three different foods on my plate.  (Note, Van and Colin will be having yukon gold potatoes with sour cream as well.)

Today, I get to use the energy from breakfast to make up new routines for my G-Mix class.  I’ll take that over sugar and grains any day.

What will your food be fuel for today?

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