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Stop Crying Yourself to Sleep After Another Sugar Binge…

Kill the Shameful Craving Keeping You Tired, Hungry and Embarrassingly Fat

Get Ready to Experience Lifelong Relief From a Simple 3-Step Solution That Will End Decades of Painful Binge-Eating, And Finally Give You Control Of The Mood Swings, The Weight Gain, and The Addiction That Sugar Has Over You!

Let me ask you something…

Would you steal to feed your addiction?

Like you, I never knew when the overwhelming cravings would start. I tried to distract myself, but I couldn’t.

I could be anywhere, at any moment, doing anything – and then WHAM! The urge would hit me. Getting a fix was the only thing I could think about.

If that helplessness sounds familiar, don’t worry. It’s not your fault, and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to kill this shameful craving for good.

But back when I struggled with sugar addiction, It wouldn’t matter if I was happy, sad, stressed, tired, or even just feeling ‘normal’…the binges would strike at any moment.

1 whoatemycheezits1And worse, they often seemed to hit me just when I was oh-so-close to reaching my weight loss goal.

Then the inner demons would take over… the food cravings would dominate my every thought.

“Where can I get something sweet and chewy?”

“Are there donuts hidden in the cupboard?”

“Did my roommate’s Mom send her some cookies that I can steal?”

Frantically, I would rifle through my college roommate’s cupboards as if I had a search warrant…

“I’ll just ‘borrow’ a slice of Maria’s bread,” I’d say. “I’ll have a spoonful of Louise’s peanut butter.” I’d even think, “Colin won’t miss just ONE Rice Krispie treat.” These destructive thoughts would take my brain prisoner.

Sometimes, it would just start as innocently as eating a ripe banana. But seconds later, after taking the first bite, this demonic presence would take control of me, and I would enter an unstoppable feeding frenzy.

One Binge Can Quickly Lead to A Lifelong Addiction

I would inhale the banana, and move on to cereal. Handful by handful I’d feed my addiction. But it wasn’t enough. I knew there was chocolate. There had to be chocolate. I’d turn the house upside down looking for just a square of chocolate. Thirty minutes, even sixty minutes would pass.

Full to the point of feeling sick, I’d finally come to, ashamed of what I had done. But there was no going back. It was over, and I’d quickly destroy any shred of evidence. Even the CSI team wouldn’t be able to know what I had done.

But I knew. It caused me decades of embarrassment and social isolation.

I can only hope you’ve never experienced anything like this…but if you have…you can relate. You know the powerlessness of the being in “binge mode.” You know the post-binge shame. You know the highs and utter despair found in the lows of sugar addiction.

How can I describe the devastating power of that first bite to someone that has never experienced it?

To be blunt, and please, pardon the drama, but it was like heaven and hell at the same time.

One small bite of a glazed donut, and my taste buds would demand more as my heart would be sinking at the same time. And every single time, I would tell myself, “Oh no Catherine, you’re doing it again. Stop, just please stop,” my rational mind would cry out.

2 bingeBut it was no match for the demons, the addiction, the powerful forces behind the binge. Nothing could beat them – or so I thought, until I discovered one powerful secret solution…

At the time though, I did everything I could to avoid detection.

It’s bad enough to be caught in the middle of yet another binge by your sugar addiction, but it’s even worse when someone catches you taking THEIR food, even AFTER they specifically warned you again and again.

To this very day, the expression on my friend and roommate Beth’s face as she asked me to stop eating her cereal when she was out of the apartment haunts me. She looked puzzled, and so disappointed in me. I was supposed to be her friend, yet I was stealing her food to feed my addiction.

It was so devastatingly embarrassing.

I was a grown woman, for crying out loud. I was auditioning to be a Hollywood actress. I was independent, on the verge of success, and yet I couldn’t even control myself around children’s breakfast snacks.

That afternoon confrontation with Beth might have been the lowest point of my adult life.

But every binge brought on a terrible aftermath.

Shame was a terrible consequence of my sugar addiction, and the morning after was worse. My throbbing head, bulging belly, and puffy face were obvious symptoms of my sugar hangover.

I was always depressed after those episodes (that were repeated over and over), and it wasn’t just because I was disappointed in myself.

3 depression

The depression was also a physical reaction to food that was like a poison to me.

If you’ve never felt the compulsion to keep eating long after a food stops tasting good, you probably won’t understand my helplessness.

If you can stop eating after 2 Oreos or one potato chip, you might think I’m just some silly drama queen looking for attention, and making excuses for being fat.

That’s fine, I understand that some people have superhuman willpower. I don’t. I’m just a normal woman that loves food…but parts of my brain love certain foods just a little too much.

I’ve cried over that a lot. Actually, I’m crying right now. So I will look for understanding from the women and men who have felt what I feel whenever I eat the sugar, flour, and fake fat combination that is my drug, my poison, my kryptonite.

Why did I steal and eat those foods? The momentary rush they gave me was so overwhelming, so powerful, that I was willing to give up my dignity for it.

So how did I finally break this miserable addiction that kept me from having the body, the energy, and the self respect I needed to create the life of my dreams?

I found a way to eat something else.

And I’ll get to that, but first, let’s face the facts…

4 obesity70% of Americans are overweight.

35% are considered obese.

But I’m not shocked, nor will you be when you learn just how pervasive this highly toxic and addictive ingredient is in North American food today.

You see, it’s everywhere…

Get in your car to go to work or take the kids to school, and you can’t avoid it. There are fast food joints on every corner, ice cream and yogurt shops in every strip mall, candy and snack stores at every gas station, there are even candy and chip racks at the hardware store!

Go to the grocery store, where you expect to find nutritious, satisfying food to make at home, and this food is hidden in places you would never expect.

It’s in salad dressings, condiments like mayonnaise, whole grain bread and cereals. Even in a healthy snack like yogurt there can be as many as 5 teaspoons of this addictive substance that acts just like a drug in in the pleasure centers of the brain.

Once you start eating it, it triggers the release of the fat storing hormone insulin, while it blocks the brain’s ability to recognize signals from leptin, the hormone that tells you when you’re full.

You would stop eating it if you could, but there’s just one problem.

It’s so over-stimulating to your hunger and appetite, that it’s the only food you crave!

What Do You Do when the only Food You Want
to Eat is the Food That’s Keeping You Fat

5 catBefore we get to that, I want to tell you why it’s my mission and my passion to bring you a solution to the pain of being overweight.

My name is Catherine Gordon, and I will never forget the day I was put on my first diet by my pediatrician.

I was eight years old and I remember him vividly, because he was very handsome, and he had these really great, big, brown eyes.

I was horribly embarrassed as I sat there on the examining table, at eight years old, in my rolls of fat.

The Doctor looked me in the eye and he said, “So, Cathy, how would you like to count calories?” And I said, “Okay!”

Like I thought counting calories was going to be the most fun thing in the world.

The doctor didn’t even send me home with a food plan or a diet. He just sent me home with the idea that I was more than 20% overweight for my age and height, and that I needed to count calories.

At eight years old I started counting calories,
and I was hungry for the next 35 years.

Now you may think I’m exaggerating a little bit, and yes there were times when I wasn’t hungry, but it seemed like the only time I wasn’t hungry was for a few hours right after a binge.

At that point, I was miserable… and ashamed.

So, for the next 35 years I cut calories, I watched what I ate, and I did my best to eat low fat.

I tried every diet that came along, and sometimes I would succeed for a little while. I could be “good” for three days in a row, then I would just freak out and eat everything in sight.

I’m sure you’ve been there, and that you know how much it hurts to fail at fat loss.

So I am going to reveal to you an approach to permanent weight loss that is so simple, you may even have a hard time believing it. After all, I know what that’s like.

The truth is that staying on a diet is nearly impossible in a world where billions of dollars are being made every year on the foods that make and keep us fat. I did everything I could to limit how much I ate so that I could get over being fat and get on with really living, and then, finally, as middle aged Mom, everything changed.


In 2008, I found a solution to my hunger problem, my fat problem, and my diet problem.

This solution worked so well, that even in my 40’s, I was able to win the second Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, even with thousands of people all over the world voting.

In just four months, I went from borderline obese, to a normal, healthy bodyweight.

Back in 2008, I was telling everyone about the great new exercise plan that was transforming my body, but I kept the most important fat loss secret to myself:

I started eating in a completely new and different way.

I didn’t tell anybody how I was eating. I kept how I was eating to myself. In many ways I felt like a fake.

I was getting support from friends and family, but I wasn’t telling them the truth.

Why? Because the truth about what I was eating was the absolute opposite of what all of the experts, diet programs, and weight loss gurus had been saying since I started my first diet in 1972!

I think it’s time… no, I know that it’s time, to share the truth with you about what I really did to finally lose fat for good.

I remember I how desperate I was to lose weight in in high school. I wanted to be popular, and get asked to dances, but I was the chubby girl with the good sense of humor. Not the girl you ask on dates. So I started cutting calories really hard.

I did everything I could think of to eat fewer calories: low fat, one salad a day, even eating nothing but fruit. It simply didn’t work, and I knew that I had to find a better way.

Later, when I was in college, I tried a commercial diet that cut my calories to 950 a day, and that required daily weigh-ins.

diet_pillI remember feeling weak, and unable to concentrate.

Hello hunger- and binges that would hit just about every ten days when I couldn’t take my crazy-strict diets any more.

After that I headed off to Hollywood to break into the acting business, but my weight got in the way.

If I was really strict with my eating- and my new weight loss tools were diet pills, smoking, and caffeine, I could force my weight down for a few weeks at a time.

I had success on the stage, and I could get work in commercials, but I absolutely had to starve myself to get thin enough to work on camera.

I wanted to be thin so badly, and I was so determined to succeed at finally getting to my goal weight.

Still, no matter what I tried, I would always end up binging or over-eating.

I tried other diet plans – the big commercial programs where they sell you nearly all of the pre-packaged the food you are supposed to eat, but the problem was this: I would buy a box of their special low-calorie breakfast bars…

…but because of this ONE addictive ingredient, I would eat the whole box before I even got home from my weekly weigh-in!

It was crazy. I thought I was nuts. I thought there was something really, really, seriously wrong with me.

I kept putting on weight… year after year. At my top non-pregnancy weight , I weighed 185 pounds at 5’1’ tall. Yes, clinically obese at a BMI of 35.

After 35 years of cutting fat and counting calories, I had literally dieted my way to obesity.

But then, it struck me… almost like a bolt of lightning. What if I did the exact opposite of what the “experts” had been telling me to do?

What if I didn’t use the breakfast bars or the boxed meals? I asked myself…

What Would Happen if You Eliminated This One Ingredient, and the foods that rapidly break down to this ingredient in the body, and That’s the Only Thing You Had to Focus On?

For 12 weeks, I used this approach. I didn’t use any magic pills or consume any boxed dinners.

I simply eliminated this ONE ingredient and here’s what happened…

7 catI got down to my normal BMI and went from 155 to 117 pounds.

It was my dream weight, which just weeks before, was only achievable in my imagination.

But could I keep it off?

Well it’s been more than five years since the contest. I’ve not only kept it off, but my physical transformation led to an emotional transformation as well.

My mindset changed… and yours will, too. It’s much simpler than you think, too.

Please understand, some of my most powerful eating strategies aren’t exactly politically correct, but I know it’s time to share what finally helped me get the body I always wanted- for keeps.

It’s also time for you to stop caring about being “politically correct” and destroy cravings for this one ingredient that’s hidden in protein bars, shakes and even so-called “healthy meals”.

This one ingredient IS addictive. I was a victim of it for years, and my clients have been enslaved by it as well…

… until they unlocked the key that allowed them to break free from the bondage of this toxin that makes you sleepy, encourages fat storage and destroys your fat-burning hormones.

You Eat This Toxin Every Day and You Don’t Even Know It

This is exactly why 35% of Americans are obese and almost 70% are overweight.

The experts tell us it is all about making better choices.

All we have to do is take personal responsibility and our battle against belly fat would be over.

8 no sugarThey also tell us that the key to our success is “moderation,” as well as being told to exercise more and more every day.

It’s these ideas that are holding us hostage, and keeping us from achieving the simple goal of losing fat!

Sugar, the ONE ingredient, that when removed, will put your body into optimal fat-burning mode (and unlocks your full potential to burn fat) is hidden in your kitchen as you’re reading this.

So even if you’ve been on a “sugar-free” diet, you’re still consuming this addictive toxin, and it doesn’t stop there.

It’s pretty simple to cut sugary sodas and candy bars out of your eating plan, but what about the foods that break down into sugar as soon as you eat them?

Yes, the bagels, muffins, cereals, and pastas that the USDA claims should be the foundation of our diet turn right into sugar in the bloodstream.

In fact, new research shows that industrial food full of processed sugars, fats, salt, and chemicals are powerfully addictive. And sugar is the worst culprit.

It’s these foods that drive our desire to eat more of it.

It’s Time To Take Control and Take Back
Your Body from This Addiction

But how do we stop eating it?

To put it as simply as I can, when my students at my fitness studio ask, “How do I get off of sugar?” I answer, “Eat something else.”

What is that “Something else?” It’s real, unprocessed food that will satisfy your hunger, end your cravings, and allow you to stop obsessing over fat-storing foods.

Obviously, eating real food will “reset” your cravings, as well as your hormones to optimize fat burning. .

However, if it was just a matter of turning on a switch and choosing these foods, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

And how would you know you’re eating foods without these hidden sugars?

After 35 years of addiction, I’ve finally got that figured out… and I shared this simple information with my clients at Gordon Studio, too…

While I was avoiding white sugar and white flour there was no urgency around eating. I was able to go for hours without cravings or even thinking about eating. I didn’t even have the need to nibble while making a meal.

Francesca Simons

francesca1Melanie H. Lost 3 pant sizes and says, Catherine Gordon, you were right about sugar!

melinda2“I lost 25 pounds, but I gained something much more important. I feel like the “me” I used to know is coming back.”

Melinda Fleming

kim2“I am so glad I found this program. To lose 3 inches off my waist in 3 months and a total of 13 1/2 inches is incredible.”

Kim Hembree

Peg S. lost 3 inches off her waist!
sandra2“I like to remember what Hippocrates said, “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food.” I stopped eating foods that contain soy, wheat, corn and other grains. I focused on eating foods that are nutrient dense and have a low glycemic index. I am stronger and more confident every day!”

Sandra Walker

It’s now time to tell you what will finally BREAK you from this addiction. I’ve named it exactly for what it is…

The Sugar Freedom Diet…

So with this simple approach, you’re finally going to break free from addictive foods, and discover a NEW freedom you’ve never experienced.

On the Sugar Freedom Diet, yes, you’re going to give up sugar and the foods that break down quickly to sugar, and you’re going to lose your cravings once and for all.

I’ll lay out every single step to do this in a progressive manner, so you’ll never fall back into your old habits.

It really is simple when you know how to shop for and prepare the fat burning foods that will satisfy your hunger at last. I’ll also show you what to order at restaurants, and even what you can eat when you’re on the road for business or on vacation in order to keep losing fat.

100% of my clients that followed this, step-by-step, succeeded.

So here’s what you get with the Sugar Freedom D.


Why is it simple?

1. The menus are already written for you, including easy recipes that show you exactly how to put together the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that will have you ending cravings, burning fat, getting rid of bloat, and losing weight starting in just days.

2. You get strategic emergency foods to eat instead of the typical snack foods that have been keeping the fat on your body.

3. In as little as 24 hours you will feel your cravings, food obsessions, and overwhelming appetite disappear. You will become satisfied on real nutritious food, and thank heaven we’re not talking about cabbage and melba toast! Your menus are full of simple, tasty dishes you will recognize, and actually want to eat!

If you’re committed (and I set it up so that you will be), you’ll have an amazing 3-day start on your new body.

Yes, these are the exact meal plans that will get you off of sugar by showing you exactly what to eat instead.

If you were to research what dietitians charge, you’ll discover that you need to invest $100 to $200 just for a consultation. Then you would invest around $450 for a meal planning package.

Now you might be willing to pay that if there was a guarantee that it would work, but are you willing to take that risk? I’ve yet to meet anyone that has hired a nutritionist and succeeded. Have you?

And when you do see something that has worked, don’t you always find the amazing before and after photos associated with some kind of supplement or expensive membership program?

I know Sugar Freedom works because it got me to my dream weight of 117, and I have maintained my weight long enough that I was able to become a member of the National Weight Control Registry. Members of the NWCR are studied by researchers worldwide because we have been able to document a weight loss of at least 30 pounds, and keep it off for at least one year.

I am at five years and counting since I finally lost all the excess fat I needed to, and after working with dozens of clients at Gordon Studio, I know that it is time to bring Sugar Freedom to anyone who wants a real way to eat for fat loss.

You could go to your local bookstore and buy another book written by a fitness celebrity who has never needed to lose any weight.

Or, you could follow a food plan that tells you to cut fat and calories without ever addressing the sugary, starchy foods that are driving you to overeat.

Instead, put your trust in a system that finally worked for me after 35 years of cravings and food obsession. The amazing discovery that I am sharing with with you, and my clients, is that there are foods that you can buy and prepare that will satisfy your hunger, and give you the energy and vitality you need in order to lose weight for good. I promise to show you exactly what they are so that you can get rid of the huger and cravings that are blocking your fat loss- guaranteed!

You’ll get instant access and can start within minutes for …

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I don’t think there’s a more risk free way of making you this offer. If for any reason you decide that Sugar Freedom is not right for you and your family then simply email me using the contact link at the bottom of the page any time during the first 60 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Now imagine doing this for just 3 days.

Imagine your life 72 hours from now without the burden of cravings and obsessing about food…

…suddenly, you see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine yourself enjoying your day without the constant hunger that’s caused by typical dieting. How much weight will you lose when the fattening foods that used to call your name completely lose their power to entice you?

This is what you get with Sugar Freedom.

You are going to take some of the momentary pleasure that you were getting from the food that was driving you crazy, and you’re going to learn to put that pleasure into your life and your lifestyle.

When you are satisfied on “Freedom Foods” you will get so much more enjoyment out of exercising, dancing, gardening, drawing, or spending time with friends and family.

You’re going to become aware of how much easier it is to enjoy your life when you aren’t obsessing about food. This is the greatest gift of the Sugar Freedom Program.

So you’re going to get the Sugar Freedom Plan. You’re going to get the shopping list for the Three-Day Sugar Strike, and you’re also going to get the shopping list for the four-week Sugar Freedom Diet. Plus, you’re going to get my best recipes and tips for preparing Sugar Freedom meals that are tasty, super satisfying, and easy to make… without the cravings!

It’s all here, because I’ve been there: Trapped in The Dieting/Overeating Cycle, and The Sugar Freedom Plan is exactly what made me break out at last.

You’ll finally discover the simplicity of losing weight when the foods that help you shed fat are the very foods you actually want to eat.

You’ll discover how simple it is to walk away from sugary, starchy junk food when your hunger is completely satisfied.

This isn’t a “eat less and move more” system like you find everywhere else. In other words, you can’t change what you eat, or how much you eat- until you can manage your appetite!

You’ll discover how to do this and much more.

This is your “Get Out of Sugar Jail” card. You just have to play it.

So if you’re ready to reset your hormones, destroy your cravings once and for all and finally get the body you deserve on YOUR terms…
Let’s get started, Catherine Gordon, A.C.E., CTT, Member: National Weight Control Registry
Author, The Sugar Freedom Diet

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