Simple Eating For A Rich Life

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Sugar Freedom journey.

Yesterday, I flirted with wine and chocolate, and I got burned.  Sometimes, I have to repeat lessons until they sink in deep enough to change my behavior for good.  Yes, the chocolate was dark, organic, and soy free, and I ate it with raw almonds to cut the sugar and glycemic load even further, and I only had two moderate glasses of wine.  Still, this morning my stomach is off and my head hurts, and I just want that feeling of clarity and optimism I get when I eat Freedom style.

Of course, there is a reason why Sugar Freedom XP was released yesterday, and that’s because February 15th is a great day to get off of sugar.  Any day is a great day to get off of sugar for those of us who are triggered by it, but in these days between Groundhog’s day and the beginning of Spring can be ideal for making a change in our eating habits that will blossom and grow into a more creative and productive life.

You see, more creativity, productivity, self respect, and confidence are some of the benefits of letting go of the foods that lead to overeating.  May I re-visit the calories in- calories out energy balance argument for a moment?  I have spent countless hours reading, studying, and just ruminating over whether it is what we eat or how much we eat that drives our bodies to store more fat than we want.

I have come to think that yes, over eating is the central problem we must solve in order to release fat, and reveal the body that is the right vehicle for pursuing our dreams.  It is equally important to realize that what we eat absolutely determines whether we will eat too much.

So the basis of the Sugar Freedom philosophy is this: Content drives quantity.  In Sugar Freedom and Sugar Freedom XP, I have shared the content of the diet that allowed me to overcome obesity for good with all the honesty I could muster.  It is also the eating strategy that is getting great results for my students at Gordon Studio.   So here in this blog, I will continue to take the journey with you, and share what is working for all of us here in Sonora.

The truth is that the farther I get from sugar, grains, and fake fats, the better I feel.  Ideally, a life with no slips and no cheats sounds like a dream come true, and so it is time to take that dream very very seriously.

So here is where you will find my Sugar Freedom diary, and I want to encourage you to write about where Sugar Freedom takes you as well.  We need your stories.  All of us who struggle with over eating need to hear about the strategies that work for people in the real world.

Right now, I’m in the pro division of the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.  In addition, I’m teaching 11 TT and G-Mix fitness classes at Gordon Studio.  That means that it’s time to bring my focus to eating for fat loss while preserving muscle.  I will be following the Sugar Freedom Diet, and I will do Sugar Freedom XP for the days leading up to the photo shoot I am doing for my contest entry.

I hope that my diary will give you a look at how life on the diet works in real time.

Let’s get down to business with my meal plan for the day:

Lemon water, Coffee with Raw Cream. (Note, on XP I will use organic, unsweetened coconut milk.)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 strips uncured bacon, mixed vegetables cooked in 1T coconut oil

Lunch: 2 chicken thighs, large green salad w/ oil and vinegar dressing, 1 cup broccoli with 1 tsp. butter.

Dinner:  Ground Bison sautéed with onion and celery, and cilantro and seasoned with sea salt, and cumin, wrapped in red cabbage with salsa for dipping.  2 cups of mixed cooked vegetables on the side.

Tip of the day:  Make extra vegetables and protein sources.  It is so important to have Hearty Grass-Fed Beef Saladsomething to reach for and eat that isn’t made with sugar or grains!  Don’t just resist cravings, block them by eating something that isn’t a trigger food.

It is so worth it.


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Thanks for sharing your journey, Catherine. What a beautiful salad in the photo above.

I am making progress with changing my diet. It’s been about a month–no sugar, no gluten.

Now all I need to do is find time to get back to TT.


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