My Inspiration

She’s too hard on herself.

No matter what she achieves, she thinks she ought to have done better.

When she works out or trains at the gym, she thinks, “Everyone else here is younger, stronger, and more dedicated than I am.  They deserve the space more than I do.”

Sometimes, she is the least  outwardly fit person in the room, and she thinks,

“What am I doing here?  My friends and family are right, I’m spending too much time trying to get better at  lifting weights and losing fat.  I should be focusing on what matters: working, volunteering, taking care of the people who are important to me.  Am I vain, or just foolish?”

She doesn’t know that she is an inspiration to everyone around her.

When she kneels down to do her push-ups , people don’t think she’s weak.  They see that she is humble.  Her ego  doesn’t choose her level of difficulty, wisdom does.  When she has to pick up  the lightest weight in the rack, (and trust me, she wants to lift more) her fellow trainees  see that form is more important than lifting a weight you can’t control.

No matter how much leaner, stronger, and more beautiful she becomes, she believes that she will never measure up to the beauty of the young and physically gifted women she sees in films, in magazines,  on the internet, or even right next to her in class.

I won’t write your name, but I believe you know who you are.  I’m writing this to you.

Have I felt all of these emotions?  Yes.

I suspect that anyone who reads this here has  felt the same.

I want you to know that when I turn the key in the lock of my little fitness studio, and step in to begin my day of teaching and training, you are my inspiration.

I’m not young either.  All around me are beautiful girls, and strong young men, who can train harder, lift more, and perform feats of fitness that make everyone around them gasp with admiration.

So be it.  I resolve to eat well, train smart, rest and recover, so that I can keep doing this work that  I love.

I am a Fitness Instructor.  Without you my work has no point.

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