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Ketogenic Diet: What I Eat In A Day

Ketogenic Diet: What I Eat in a Day.

The most important thing to know about getting the benefits of nutritional ketosis is the maximum amount of carbohydrates that allows the body to generate ketones.

I’ve been following a ketogenic nutrition strategy for the past 12 years, and 20 total grams of carbohydrate is the right maximum number for me. I have a blood ketone monitor that tells me if I’m in ketosis, but the most important evidence of keto is the wonderful way it affects my appetite, mood, and motivation. When I’m in ketosis, sticking to my food plan is easy, and I have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for my activities of daily living.

Did you know that the Three Day Sugar Strike from the Sugar Freedom program is designed with 20 grams of carbohydrate per day? That’s right: you can follow the sugar strike to get into nutritional Ketosis.

Here is the daily meal plan I describe in the video, and the list of my favorite vegetables that allow me to stay in ketosis.

I am looking forward to another happy, healthy, ketogenic holiday and Christmas season, and I wish you the same. Pay attention to how your food makes you feel, and always remember: Eat For Yourself.

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