It’s Sugar Freedom Day!

What better day than November First to get off of sugar?

Yes, the halloween candy frenzy is over, and I can’t think of anything scarier than the masses of candy that could be haunting your house today.

My 13 year old son had a blast last night trick or treating as Dr. Who with his friends, and I am so grateful that I have no idea where his pillowcase of loot is stashed right now.

In years past I would certainly find his bucket and swipe the sugary junk that he was least likely to miss. Yes, I ended up eating the loser candy that nobody really likes, but I’m an addict, so that’s no surprise.

This year, I feel calm, happy, and satisfied right now after my breakfast of eggs, uncured bacon, cauliflower, and avocado. In a little while I’m headed out to the indoor farmer’s market for raw cream and other freedom friendly goodies.

This is when I want to remind you that the key to getting and staying off of sugar is to “Eat Something Else.” If you ate out of bounds yesterday, please don’t ry to starve or deprive the sugar out of your system. Get your healthy fats, moderate protein, and abundant “above ground” vegetables today so that you feel great tomorrow.

Last night we had a wonderful soaking rain here in Sonora, and I got to walk the puppy in the fresh air today. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to experience the joint pain that I used get after eating bread and sweets.

Now it’s time to focus on our very best training and eating strategies as another Turbulence Training Transformation Contest wraps up in a little more than two weeks. I’ll be drinking my tonic and plenty of water, staying away from processed meats and cheeses, and making sure to eat the water releasing veggies like asparagus, cucumbers, and spinach at every meal.

It is so worth it!

Abs after age 50?  Yes: With Sugar Freedom
Abs after age 50? Yes: With Sugar Freedom

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