How to Eat Clean

For years I have heard the phrase “Eat Clean” used as good advice for reaching your fat loss and transformation goals.  In addition, eating clean can lean to the elimination of cravings, and a wonderful feeling of balance around food.

I think you can all imagine that clean eating leaves out processed high sugar foods, but what does “Eating Clean” mean for you personally?  I know plenty of people who can eat oat bran, bananas, and almond flour and not get triggered.  The foods I just mentioned don’t leave me with a sense of fullness and satisfaction, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

So how do you discover what your clean foods are?  You test and experiment.  Here is a simple test for all of the foods you may be considering for your personal clean eating strategy.  Ask yourself these questions about the food you are considering:

“Can I eat one standard serving of this food without immediately wanting more?”

And, “After I eat this food, do eat end up overeating for the rest of the day?”

It is question number two that I have found to be most effective in helping me find my personal clean eating strategy.  Let’s take the humble banana for instance.  Eating a banana may not send me off on an immediate binge, but it does contain enough fructose to stimulate a higher insulin response, which does leave me feeling vaguely unsatisfied.

The great news is that experimentation has led me to a wonderful food that I can include on special occasions: organic, soy free dark chocolate like Taza brand.  My husband got me some as an anniversary gift.  I enjoyed it that evening and the scale was actually down the next day.  How cool, organic dark chocolate as plateau buster.

I have learned that trigger foods are highly personal and often quite surprising.  After 2 weeks on the Sugar Freedom Diet, and certainly once you reach your fat loss goal, it can be a very good idea to test new foods in order to add variety and enjoyment to your eating plan.

Once you get in touch with how your body reacts to new foods, you can develop your personal strategy for eating clean.

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