Diets Do Work

As a member of the National Weight Control Registry who has kept more than 60 pounds off for more than 5 years, there is one thing I know about fat loss.

Fat loss, at least in my case, is the result of a change in eating .

This change is specifically intended to reduce body fat.  The principal goal of anyone who wants to release body fat is to find the way of eating that allows that to happen.

Please understand though, that fat release for use by the body’s energy producing system is “Autonomic.”  Which is defined as involuntary or unconscious, as relating to the autonomic nervous system.

So we could even say that fat release is controlled by a sub-conscious system.  Just as you don’t deliberately create red blood cells, you can’t deliberately extinguish fat cells.

So what can you do?

From my experience as a dieter and as a trainer, I have learned that you can manage your nutrition in a way that produces fat loss.  The  great challenge comes from the fact that different strategies work for different kinds of people.  Even more confusing, what worked in your teens, twenties, and thirties, can stop working as you cross into your forties, fifties, and beyond.

Where restricting calories and adding cardio may have worked like a charm when you were 23, your body’s priorities and its hormonal profile change over time, so if you’re stuck at the same weight even though you’ve cut calories and increased movement, it may be time for a new strategy.

Now, my insulin and leptin sensitivity have been out of whack since I was six years old.  The evidence of this comes from my bread and sugar binges, and the fact that high glycemic foods have stimulated my appetite instead of satisfying it ever since then.  You may have been able to live on pasta, bagels, breakfast cereal, and muffins, quite easily for most of your life, but if you’re starting to put on fat, and your old diet and exercise strategies have stopped working, it may be time for a new approach.

You may think that “Diets Don’t Work,” but the fact of the matter may be that “Old Diets Don’t Work Anymore.”

I don’t want to forget the primary goal of any diet that I would follow:  It must provide adequate nutrition and energy while causing fat release.  That means that we have to seek out and prepare foods that give us the win win of satisfaction and good health.

To make that idea practical, Sugar Freedom, and the Sugar Freedom Diet, starts with breakfast every day.  This idea is not new in the world of fat loss, but what I have found is that breakfast has to establish a foundation of nutrition and satisfaction that stays with you throughout the day.

It’s time to make breakfast, so I will post a picture of yesterday’s and get on making today’s.  More to come on why diets do work!

This is where it all begins.
This is where it all begins.

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