6 Week Transformation Challenge: Finish Strong

How to Stick the Landing.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the latest Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

Jim Junette placed second in the Men Over 40 category, and with 4 finalists qualifying, Gordon Studio remains the top Turbulence Training Gym in America.

How does our little studio in rural Tuolumne County keep producing champions?

Were understand that eating, moving, mindset, and support create a powerful structure for success.

Now, those of you who are participating in the 6 Week Challenge are moving into the final week, and I’m going to share some important instructions for getting the results you want in your after photos.

First: Have an eating plan for the next 9 days. We are following Sugar Freedom, and one of the tools for success in our eating strategy is the Bonus Meal. The bonus meal is one meal where you get to eat any of your desired favorite foods, so long as they are not “Trigger Foods.” Note: Trigger Foods are those foods that you cannot eat in a standard serving, and/or those foods that stimulate your appetite so much that you overeat after consuming them.

So when will your next Bonus Meal be? Will you have it on the 23rd, the day after the challenge ends? Do you celebrate Christmas, and do you want your special meal on the 25th? Hanukkah begins on the 17th: will that be your bonus day? Remember: The bonus meal comes once every 7 days.

The Gordons celebrate on Christmas Eve, and I’ve scheduled my next bonus meal will be for the 16th.

Now, this is important: leading up to “after” pictures on the 22nd, I want to follow my photo ready eating plan on the 19th, 20, and 21st.

Here is a sample day from that plan:

Day 1
2 eggs, poached, served over a bed of spinach cooked in olive oil, and topped with salsa.

Celery Sticks with organic salsa. (No fruit salsas for now.)

3-4 oz. organic turkey breast, served with 2 cups romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery, and olive oil and vinegar dressing.
1 cup steamed broccoli.

1-2 more ounces of turkey, more celery and salsa if you are hungry for a snack.

3-4 oz broiled salmon, 1 cup steamed asparagus with lemon, 1 cup sliced mushrooms cooked in olive or coconut oil.

I designed this plan for it’s simplicity, and it’s bloat releasing effect. If you own the Sugar Freedom program this is day one of Sugar Freedom XP.

Continue to drink your tonic each morning, do your 3 Minute Wake Up Call, and perform 3 TT Home Workout Revolution training sessions per week.

Here is the recipe for the tonic:

16oz water, juice of ½ lemon, 1T Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, enough liquid stevia to cut some of the sourness. If it’s too strong, reduce the vinegar and lemon, and work up to the full amount.
Drink a minimum of 64 oz of pure water per day.

The result? Expect glowing skin, and a noticably smaller waistline on Picture Day!

Finally, whether or not you are in the challenge, please send your questions to:, because Sugar Freedom is only as successful as you are.


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