Tools For Weight Loss

By the time you try to eat less and move more, it’s already too late.

By the time you try to eat less and move more, it’s already too late.

 You’ve missed the boat, you’re closing the barn door after the horses have left.

 What you have to do to lose all of the excess fat you want, and keep it gone forever is simply this.

 You must find a way to want less food, and crave more action.


It Is So Worth It.


Understand this above everything else.  Your behavior is motivated by your desires.  By the time you try to control your behavior Mother Nature has taken over, and she is stronger than your personal ego, and good intentions.

 You have to learn to manage what you want,and I can show you how!

 When you eliminate sugars, grains, and processed oils from your diet your appetite will tank, and you will be in charge of your behavior once more.

 Once you are well nourished, and your appetite is well satisfied instead of over-stimulated, you will re-discover the desire to move more.

 The fit, slender people who have been trying to motivate you to eat less and move more aren’t being deliberately cruel. (No matter how they behaved in Eighth Grade.)  They simply have no idea what it means to feel starved and exhausted at the same time just from eating two slices of pizza.

 What I am suggesting is that you stop trying to control how much you eat, and start influencing how much you want to eat.

 What’s the difference?  I can tell you first hand that it is the difference between fulfilling your dreams in a body you respect and cherish, and fighting your body every day for the rest of your life, until you finally just give in to the food addiction and eat yourself to death from diabetes, stroke or a heat attack.

 Yes, this is a rant from the bottom of my soul that says enough half truths, enough worn out sayings, and enough diet dogma.  There is a way to eat every day, and at every meal, that will nourish and satisfy you without causing you to eat to excess and to store that excess as fat.

 I am going to tell you what that way is.  You are going to think, “What’s the catch?”  Is there a catch?  Let me describe my solution and you tell me.  

 You are going to discover the foods that satisfy you without triggering your appetite.  And then you are going to develop a lifelong personal eating strategy that is going to allow you to keep doing  just that.

 With the Three Day Sugar Strike, The Sugar Freedom Diet, and the Sugar Freedom Lifestyle, you are going to break away from your trigger and binge foods.  You are going to get enough distance and freedom from them that you will finally be able to create your own personal eating strategy for a life of slenderness and satisfaction on your terms.

 By now, if you have read this far, I’m going to guess that you have had enough, tasted enough, and consumed enough of every kind of food to last a lifetime.  Now you know that  it’s time to put the foolishness and self destructiveness of overeating behind you.  It’s time to step away from a life that revolves around what you can eat and when you can eat it, and move toward a life that revolves around what you can create and how you can give it.

 It’s been more than five years since I gave in, surrendered, and admitted that I couldn’t have my cake and live my best life too.

 One meal at a time, I leave the cake behind, and the life I get to live instead is so much better than anything I ever dreamed.  Sugar Freedom will be ready soon, and I hope that it helps everyone who tries it to feel fantastic, look wonderful, and have the abundant energy to make their dreams come true.

Tools For Maintenance

President Taft Lost 60 Pounds on a Low Carb Diet: Then He Gained It Back.


1381640643000-uscp-taftI was fascinated last week when I read reporter Nanci Hellmich’s article in USA Today covering the fact that US President Taft had lost 60 pounds on a low carb diet back in the early 1900s.  She wrote,

“President William Howard Taft, the country’s heaviest commander in chief and a high-profile yo-yo dieter in his day, lost 60 pounds in the early 1900s on a low-carb diet with the help of a diet doctor.

Dozens of letters between Taft and his English physician provide “a detailed look at patient care for obesity during this time,” says historian Deborah Levine, an assistant professor of health policy and management at Providence (R.I.) College and author of an article, out Monday, in the Annals of Internal Medicine. She says that although the letters have been available for years, she believes this is the first time they have been analyzed. “People today may be surprised that patients were seeking care for obesity as early as the beginning of the 20th century.”

The article was of special interest to me because we know from the history books that Taft gained all of that weight back, and more.

If you read my most recent post, you won’t be surprised when I say that Taft’s problem was that he didn’t, or couldn’t,  stay on his physician’s version of the low carb diet.  If you find an eating strategy that works for fat loss, it is my experience that you will need to stick to that strategy in order to keep the excess fat off.

The question I want to answer is why President Taft couldn’t stay on the diet.  In the article,, I read that Taft was instructed to eat lean meat and gluten free biscuits.  I can’t help thinking that if he had been allowed more fat, and if he had eliminated grains instead of just gluten, he might have been able to break free of the cravings that were driving his appetite.

It must take incredible strength of will to get elected President and lead a nation.  We all know people who are amazing in their energy, productivity, and generosity who have not been able to shed the fat they wanted to and keep it off.

Ultimately, the answer to permanent fat loss lies in the ability to manage the hunger and appetite that drives your eating behavior.  By eliminating sugar, grains, and processed oils from my eating plan, I have finally soothed the savage beast that was my appetite from childhood all the way though my early 40s.

Today, I continue to craft the the last few elements of The Sugar Freedom Diet in order to make it ready to release to the public.  I am so excited and hopeful that in writing this plan, I will be able to offer a solution to the problem of overwhelming appetite, and free my readers to live the way they want to: healthy, slender on their own terms, and full of the energy they need to run a household, a business, or even a country!

Tools For Maintenance

Why Do Dieters Gain the Weight Back?

This past week has taught me the answer to a vital question,

“Why do so many dieters lose weight, only to gain it back?”


We find what works, lose weight, (or release fat as I like to say) and then we stop doing it.

I actually do believe in the effectiveness of diets. A diet, in my practice, is a specific program meant to reduce weight or body fat level.

Dieting is what I do when I am actively seeking physical change through eating. When my goal is reached, dieting ends, and maintenance begins.
What I am trying to teach in my work is that maintenance is simply an enhanced and expanded version of the Diet that enabled you to reach your goal.

Too many people completely abandon their effective eating strategy once their goal is reached.

Here is where the confusion starts- Fat Loss and Weight loss aren’t the “Lifestyle” that so many people hold as the Holy Grail of Fitness. Maintenance is the lifestyle.
Maintenance, and thus the lifestyle, begins when the goal is reached.

My secret is to spend some time in maintenance after the achievement of each meaningful goal, experience the peace of stability, and then press on.

Very soon, The Sugar Freedom Diet will be available on this website.  Tomorrow is the Photo shoot to reveal the evidence that what I did more than five years ago to finally overcome obesity is still working.

The Sugar Freedom Diet has two phases:  The Three Day Sugar Strike, and The Sugar Freedom Diet.  I wrote Sugar Freedom because, back when I was starting my fat loss journey, I was desperately seeking examples of  middle aged women like me who had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.  I found that there were plenty of role models who were more than happy to share their training strategies, but I had a hard time finding anyone who could answer this question,

“What, exactly, did you eat to lose all that weight?”

Here, at Sugar I will answer that question, along with the incredibly important follow up:  “What do you eat to keep it off?”  Just as important is the awareness that what I choose to eat today doesn’t just satisfy my appetite: It is literally the fuel for my dreams.

There are plenty of experts and successful dieters today who will tell you to cut sugar out of your diet inorder to lose weight.  With Sugar Freedom, I will do my very best to show you how, with all of the honesty and clarity I can muster.

Here is an example.  My go to Sugar Strike breakfast is two local, pastured eggs, 2 slices of local uncured bacon, and mixed vegetables sauteed in coconut oil.  I like to season my vegetables with turmeric, ginger, and iodized sea salt.  I always make extra vegetables to serve with lunch or dinner.  This breakfast keeps me full, and full of energy until noon, when I thoroughly enjoy my lunch.  Eating Sugar Freedom style helps me find the balance between enjoying my food, and obsessively craving it.

Back when I first reached my goal, I hoped that I could find a way to go back to eating the trigger foods I used to crave.  Now I understand that that way is closed to me if I want to maintain my weight for good.  That’s just fine: It really is because my life is fuller without them.

Please leave a comment or question about Sugar Freedom.


Welcome To Sugar Freedom

“You have to eat grains.”

“You have to eat wedding cake.”

“Giving up sugar is unrealistic.”

“You have to use cheat days to get lean.”

“If you eliminate foods you’re a restricter, and you’ll gain all the weight back.”

“Food addiction doesn’t exist.  It’s an excuse for people who have no willpower.”

Some of these statements are simply things I read that were written by nutritional experts.  Some  were pronounced right to my face.  Some led to behavior that hurt me deeply, and all of these statements made me angry.

For the past five years, I’ve tried to be reasonable and open minded about eating and training for permanent fat loss.

Now I’ve had enough.

I know that everyone who wants to release fat doesn’t have my specific issues with food, but every time I go back to the sugar and the grains, eating disaster strikes.

I have heard from diet experts, most of whom are male and have never had a weight problem, that my problems with sugar and grains come from the very fact that I avoid them and try to restrict them.  They claim that the solution is calorie balance, and that I really should cheat regularly to achieve low body fat.  They have case studies galore to prove that they are right about this.

I don’t care.

I have the conviction and wisdom of my own experience, and what I know for sure is that when sugar and grains are out, beauty, freedom, and peace of mind are in for me.

Do you want to know the truth about the before and after pictures you see above?  The best body of my life, the body of my dreams, was achieved on a sugar and grain free, high vegetable fiber diet.

Now, my eating strategy is politically incorrect because of it allows, even encourages, the consumption of saturated fat.  I do my best to eat pastured butter, eggs, meat, and cream in order to get the greatest benefit from these fats, and to avoid the damage that can come from consuming processed fats and the foods that contain them.

Believe me, I’m not chowing down on bargain bologna.  I am also aware of the fact that a living creature had to give its life every time I eat meat,  so I do my best to consume no more than I need to be healthy and feel satisfied.

In addition, I consume serious amounts of organic vegetables, especially leafy green ones, and I add low sugar fruits in moderation.  In the past, I have kept my nutritional cards close to my chest, but after my last two bread and sugar nightmares, I realize that I have to start telling it like it is if I honestly want to help other people create the figure of their dreams.

I am so grateful to the researchers who are studying food addiction right now.  Dr. William Davis, Dr. Robert Lustig, and Ashley Gearhardt at Yale University are just a few of the doctors and researchers who are asking why some of us go completely nuts when we eat sugar, flour, and the treats that are made with them.

Perhaps the greatest barrier to understanding those of use who experience the pain and fear of food addiction is the fact that we are not in the majority of people who are overweight or obese.  The research currently underway at Yale indicates that 15% of the population may be dealing with a drug-like response to sugary foods.  In addition, Ms. Gerhardt discovered in her research that you don’t have to be overweight to suffer from food addiction.

In my case, I achieved a normal BMI back in 2008, but when I eat sugar or flour, especially with fat mixed in for good measure, madness ensues.  I am writing this blog for those of us who want both physical and emotional recovery from sugar addiction.

Your story may be very different.  If you’ve part of the 85% of the population that can handle eating sugar and grains, you may think I’m a little bit nuts.  (Hey, at least I can eat nuts!)  But I have to stand up and tell the truth about how I made my transformation stick.

In the past, I wanted to be liked, and I was so afraid of negative judgement and comments that I was willing to censor my beliefs.  Now I realize that it is time to write this blog for the 15% of people who are like me, and hopefully for the people who love and care for them as well.

So welcome to Sugar Freedom: The Journey to Health and Fitness, and the Will and The Skills to Keep It.