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13 Years At A Healthy Weight

I quit sugar in April of 2008. By the last week in August of that year, I reached a normal, healthy weight for the first time in eight years. From a highest non-pregnanacy weight of 195 at a height of only 5’1, to my current weight of 125 is 70 pounds. That means I lost more than a third of my body weight.

It is unusual, to put it mildly, for a woman to lose that much weight with nutrition and fitness training alone. It is so rare to maintain that much weight loss for over a year, that the National Weight Control Registry surveys members like me each year to gain insights on what it takes to maintain a loss of more than 30 pounds for more than one year.

In this post, I will be sharing the Five “Fs” of significant long term weight maintenance. These are:


2. Food

3. Fitness

4. Friends

5. Fun

Let me begin with Faith. When it comes to significant lasting weight loss, I am describing the belief that it is possible for you. Whether your faith comes from a Higher Power or not, without the belief that you can lose the weight, you will not be able to turn your desire to change into action.

I began to believe that I could transform my body when I started reading about transformation success stories, and seeing pictures of them on the internet in 2007. Not long after this, I began listening to early podcasts like, “Inside Out Weight Loss,” and, “The Livin La Vida Low Carb Show.”

I learned that women and men over 40 like me were finding a way to manage nutrition, fitness, and mindset that led to lasting change. Their stories gave me hope and even more desire and determination to take action by completely changing the way I ate and exercised. Their examples led me to eliminate sugar, grains, vegetable oils and seed oils from my diet, and to replace traditional cardio with resistance and interval fitness training.

None of those changes would have taken place without the belief, desire, and faith that those successful people inspired. I wrote Sugar Freedom, started my podcast, and began making YouTube videos in order to give back what I received from them.

The podcast can be found here: The Sugar Freedom Show.

Here is my YouTube Channel: Sugar Freedom.

I hope that you will find real help and inspiration for your health journey here.

I look forward to writing about the next 4 Fs: Food, Fitness, Friends, and Fun over the next 4 weeks. I hope that you will share your success story or any questions about health transformation with me here:

Until next time, be well, and Eat For Yourself,

Catherine Gordon: Author of Sugar Freedom.

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